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Learn the underlying best practices and fundamentals while learning what matters to you in real life, exams.


German basics that matter | Exam & Real-life Language + Culture


Real Life German Situations | Language & Culture (FREE)


Perfect Introduction | Confident, well pronounced, culturally correct

Native certainity + non-native experience Shyam came to Germany, lived among native German speakers, learning the language and culture. Originally from a small south Indian town, he is an ex-IITian who passed the IIT JEE exam in 1998 (AIR716) preparing using old question papers. 

You will benefit from his sorting methods, arranging the syllabus based on what really matters, practicing your skill by focusing on the  underlying competencies and subskills, making the learning challenging but not overwhelming. Not just what you learn, but how you learn it for real life outcomes, fast and sure.

The native teachers make sure of pronunciation, the language and culture part. The non native guides understand your doubts  better and how you feel, helping you by being the bridge.


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