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  • Lots of resources and classes are available. You get stuck in the whirlpool, with no clear results.
  • Instead, sort the syllabus to your favor
    •  what final results do you need, how can you get there starting from your current skill level? (beginner or been practising for sometime)
  •  Since we run smaller groups, we will also help you customize your syllabus to your exact work, life needs. 

Live, online, German native teacher lead German conversation group classes so you can converse confidently, starting now.

Familiar problems?

Confidence You wish you could take part in a German conversation without feeling awkward or insecure.

Listening Comprehension The speaker is on their 3rd sentence, while you are still trying to decipher the first. Conversation broken.

Real Life You have the language certificates, but the lack of daily life or workplace German is terribly holding you back.

Stuck in Translation You have learnt sentences and words, but can’t understand the questions in a conversation. 

You feel you are not taken seriously at the workplace, office or in daily interactions, because of insufficient German ability. 

Interviews, job opportunities are hard even though you are qualified. Employers want only candidates with fluent German.

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Practice is not enough! Instead…

Get fluent!

  • Tell us your need, get details
  • Group calls for real life pronunciation, culture, listening comprehension.

Do you freeze in German conversations?

Maybe you have some German language certificates.

Maybe you have spent weeks, months or even years studying German using books, free apps, youtube videos, even teachers. 

You are told that you’ve reached a good level of German, some apps may even say you’re advanced.


  • You realize your learning doesn’t get you real life results.
  • you are not able to confidently express your needs. 
  • You struggle deciphering what the other person is saying. 
  • You can’t talk confidently about yourself in a formal interview or a casual chat. 
  • You are guessing and hoping through most of the interaction – tired, frustrated, embarassed.

If this is you, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Why can’t you speak German?

You can’t converse well in German because you haven’t trained for the needed sub-skills and competency.

Correct practice makes perfect. Only focused learning material repeated with feedback from a native teacher will make your German better. 

You can’t converse well in German because you haven’t trained for the needed sub-skills and competency.

Correct practice makes perfect. Random sentences repeated without feedback will not make your German better. 

You need a 

  • FOCUSED SYLLABUS to learn what matters to your & is most relevant to you, that you can use from day 1 
  • PROVEN TEACHING METHOD including feedback loop & error corrections, correcting till you have 80% consistency towards native speech. 
  • NATIVE TEACHER as an authoritative source for vowel and consonant pronunciation + clarity of formality and culture. 

What is the solution?

German with love’s Conversation classes

Imagine if you could practice German regularly with a native German teacher along with peers of similar skills and goals.

That’s what we will do in our German conversation classes. Specialized sessions for:

  • Introducing youself or talking about oneself
  • Expressing your needs in real life, along with clear attributes and details to GET LIFE DONE the way your want it.
  • Real life situations with focus on reusable, powerful templates, practical theory and grammar
  • Most used Verbs, other aspects of German needed for daily life and work place.

The 1st step is easy!

Tell us your need, get details on Group calls aimed at real life pronunciation, culture, listening comprehension.

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How to learn effectively?

Avoid Whirlpools Too many resources. Unsorted. Wasted time, effort. No results to show. Worse: bad language habits.

Non native teachers cannot confidently teach you pronunciation. Get confirmation with native German speakers.

1000 units of mediocrity Confidently pronouncing 10 sentences far better than 1000 with bad pronunciation.

Don’t re invent the wheel Learn the correct sound of template sentences usable in varied real life situations.

Practical Grammar related to the sentences you know, how to change and use – not databases and tables.

Sort to your need You can gain strong fundamentals while learning what you can use from Day 01. No advantage generic.

German for Practical Learners

No need to learn abstract and generic German when you can learn the basics and best practices while learning what matters to you in real life, what motivates you. 

Create custom syllabus based on your unique needs. Go from your current skill level to your personal goals like a GPS. Learn sentence groups with correct pronunciation and formality to get your needs done from Day 01.


Formal and informal. Sure with correct pronunciation. Learn best practices for the future.

Culture support

Culture shock and frustrations. Not sure what is normal, how to fit in, to not offend. Community.


Asking for directions, ordering food, shops, doctor, telephone. Express preferences, attributes.


Correct pronunciation = effective communication. Learn native pronunciation.

Learn what matters to you.

Strong fundamentals in real life

Talk about onself, introductions In daily life, in interviews, at the workplace. Practice with correct pronunciation, formality and other cultural aspects to impress your audience and get ahead.
Get your needs done in shops, doctor's or other offices, on the phone, at the workplace. Express your needs clearly with confident pronunciation and formality. Differentiate with clear adjectives and attributes.
Your next level Let the teacher help you chart out a GPS like clear path from your current skill to your specific need: show your work, ask your doubts, get confident along with your peers.
Beyond exams With our focused learning, you maybe able to prepare and attempt a higher level language exam, saving time, money and effort. Beyond exams, start feeling confident and get ahead in life.


Tell us about yourself

  • Tell us your need
  • Get assessments, custom learner path – which competency to focus for best results
  • Not sure what is best for you? Get answers from experienced, caring guides.

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