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Stop being an Eternal Stranger

Beginner? Or been learning for sometime? We will help you solve your German language problems. New? Start here…


  • Are you sure about your pronunciation?
  • Are you able to follow native speakers OR do you struggle?
  • Are you confident about formality in speech?
  • Can you express your needs confidently at a store or an office or street?
  • Do you suffer emotionally because of your langauge difficulty?
  • Do you find interviews and job opporunities slipping by?

Learn with qualified native teachers


Learn from Martina’s experience learning Arabic (Click). She 

  • has a Masters in intercultural communication
  • is proficient in multiple languages

& Get support from caring guides who have traveled the path before you

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  • ex-IITian/ musician/ teaching  expert living in Germany.
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Learn German that Matters to You

Do great in Exam or interview? Be confident with the culture?

Sure & focused Learn pronunciation, practical grammar & formality USING the unavoidable CORE: introductions, expressing your needs & preferences, most frequent verbs...
Native + English support Get trained by native teachers who speak English + non-Native guides who support you. Adjusted to your skill level
Strong fundamentals length of vowels, troublesome consonants, formality, ear training - not just remember and repeat.

Group classes

Friendly, effective group.
Learn by immersion. Conversation.
Daily life / Exams / Workplace.

1-1 Calls

Native teacher. Focused syllabus. Underlying skills and competencies for clear results.

Free consultation

Tell us your need.
Help you clarify your goals and skills.
Get your learner path to your goals.

Focused Lessons & Method

Using a focused syllabus, practising the underlying skills, make faster and surer progress

PRONUNCIATION corrected by a native teacher
Benefit from a native teacher

Shop template – Shyam gets corrected

gwl bakery
Learn at your skill level

Shop template to begin with

clothing store template undraw
Express like a native

Full fledged store template​

How do you BENEFIT?

Your learning material is carefully adjusted to your skill level: challenging but not overwhelming. Through iteration we increase skill level while giving attention to corrections to get to required NATIVE levels.

Very focused syllabus – useful from day 1. Not just repetitions, instead clear sub skill guidelines to practice. We will teach you chunking down the material, focus on competencies.

We train for % of perfection. Continuously iterating to embellish and improve skill. You won’t get stuck with too easy or too difficult. 

Our NATIVE teachers don’t just tell you to practice to get better. We tell you exactly which vowel, which consonant, which tone. What to practice, what not to. Error oriented deliberate practice.

1000 words with mediocre pronunciation vs 100 real life useful words GOOD enough for a native speaker to understand. Which is better? Start with simple at your level, iterate to complex.

Too much learning material available. Students learn wide without enough proficiency. They often learn the less important, wasting time that could be spent learning the MOST important and useful. We help you FOCUS the syllabus.
The material is then CHUNKed to small modules that you can actually practice without overwhelm. While learning what matters to you, you will learn the UNDERLYING SKILLS and competencies needed for further learning.

If you want to improve your pronunciation, ability to understand native speech, express confidently in real life – work place – exams, we can help.

Your personal guide to another culture

The first week is FREE.

Tell us your need.
Quickly assess your current skill.
You could be an absolute beginner or been learning German for sometime.

Our class coordinators will match you with your perfect real world German guide. 

First, tell us about yourself,
Get your free week
  • Clarify your goals & learning path
  • Know exactly what to practice

Learning that suits you.

Fit learning into your busy schedule

Where you are Let's first find out why you want to learn German, your comfortable learning style and pace.
Get your custom learner path and get connected with your ideal teacher or group. We will help ensure progress after every single lesson.
Your next 1% Challenge yourself, without getting overwhelmed. You will have a patient teacher who will work with you on your needs instead of a generic syllabus.
Learn as life allows you From your laptop or mobile phone, balancing life and other commitments. We are here to help you make sure progress through continuity, accountability and meaningful productivity.

Your journey to confident German starts in just 4 simple steps

Tell us about your need

Together we will clarify your  real goals, preferred learning style and current German language skill level.

Get your perfect tutor

Our class coordinator will sync you with your perfect tutor based on your profile and preferences.

Free trial lesson

Get familiar with your tutor and experience what it’s like to learn German with love.

Schedule future lessons

Decide what frequency and timings suit you best. Attend further group or 1-1 classes.

Deliberate practice

Course correct, reach.

Focus Clarify your goals, create a focused syllabus, define the learning scope, set your measures to know when and how well you have reached.
Chunk Too difficult? Reduce the complexity while learning what matters. Challenging but not overwhelming. Your next 1%. Iterate to advance.
Skill Measure Subskills and competencies: length of vowels, clarity of consonants, formality, culture. Get to 8/10 consistency.

Beyond Language...

Culture shock. Being in a new place with language and culture differences can make us feel alone & unsure. If you will feel better talking to someone with German real life experience, we are here to help. Non-Germans who have gone through the change &  friendly Germans with intercultural knowledge, will assist you.

We are like friends to chat with – no substitute for professional help. If in distress, please call medical help.


Tell us about yourself

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  • Not sure what is best for you? Get answers from experienced, caring guides.

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