German with love


Based on your skill and need:

Use 1-1, group, courses or community for:
– Strategy sessions (clarity, build your custom learner path, choosing what will matters to reach your unique goals, manage your learning project, finishing in time with required results.)
– Learn what matters, through immersion Use group calls, calls with native speakers, recorded audio corrections to learn German using German as much as possible, absorbing the most of the language skills, beyond weak translations.
– Learn as your commitments allow you Use the course material to cover the unavoidable core. Use recorded skill corrections as your life commitments allow, without having to be in front of a screen at a particular time.

Exam and job interview preparation, cultural and real life help, let us know your needs.

For individual and businesses German language & real life integration, Intercultural teams & communication. Contact for details.

Choose your mode:

Courses & Corrections

Focus, chunk & skill method. Learn German that matters, while developing strong fundamentals.

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Group Calls & Immersion

Get native clarity by immersion. Supportive community. Peer learning. Accountability.

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Recorded corrections

Submit recordings, get private corrections. Correct your spoken German + structured learner path.

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1-1: Intensive Private Calls

Efficient time with a friendly expert. Precisely plan your path. Reach goals through focused guidance.

Culture, real life integration

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Community with Love

Join our support community. Get help with German and real life needs from those who have done it before.

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Experienced Guides

to talk with for culture shock relief, intercultural communication, real life and work place integration.


Gain strong German language fundamentals while learning German language and culture that matters to you in real life, exams or workplace.

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1-1 German classes

tailored solutions for surer German learning progress

Custom, focused curriculum
From your current skill to your exact goals.

Unique speed and method
Using proven teaching methods and pace correct for you.

Error oriented practice 
Ensures sure and fast progress + best practices and skills

Teachers experienced in German language and cultural competency

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How you benefit:

  • Error oriented deliberate practice. With your teacher, you will use a checklist of competencies to make sure you gain vertical skill growth and best practices needed for immediate goals and long term learning.
  • Each of us have unique skills and goals. Like a GPS, the teacher will help you form a path connecting your current stage to who you want to be, with extreme focus.
  • Combine private classes with group immersion and community with love as you need. The teacher will help you decide.

Who is it for:

    • 1-1 German lessons are useful for students who are more comfortable doing private instead of a group. You can use group in addition to private or change at anytime.
    • Private German classes are useful if you want to accelerate your learning without waiting. Make an extremely focused and custom syllabus + strong attention to corrections during the learning interactions.
    • German one-one tutor classes are useful at any level if you have specific projects with dead line: important exam, job interview, other.

Germany: life made easier

Like-minded Community


It’s easier when you know you are doing what is expected in the new culture.
Faster and stronger feedback loop on what is best, from experienced guides (non German and German)
Quick answering of questions about formalities, paper work, usual life needs. How is it usually done and specific situations handled quickly.
Place to solve together. Problems, for long term and short term advantage.


Group calls

Immersion German learning with support & from peers

Strong Immersion
Confident real life conversations: formal, informal. Pronunciations.

Fun & meaningful
Friendly members & teachers. Useful activities, syllabus.

Customize to your need
Join calls that matter to you. Custom home works.

Teachers experienced in language and cultural competency

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How you benefit:
  • Run by real life savvy, language expert teachers.
  • With your goals in mind, along with peers at your skill level.
  • The immersion method (instead of translation) helps language acquisition for real life – including conversation, phrases, ear training

Who is it for:

    • Group German lessons are useful to get speaking with good pronunciation and correct cultural aspects, as early as possible. Possibly within a few days from starting
    • Group German classes are useful to be confident with talking, listening to others to know where you need to improve, improving your listening comprehension ability.
    • Group learning German language is a good addition to any other modes of learning. It’s also important as standalone. Shyam learnt through group classes and interaction with natives.

Recorded corrections

The power of Asynchronous learning


1. What to learn is clearly given to you. Pronunciation, sentence structure, other sub skills included
2. As time permits, do your practice
3. Record yourself telling the content once, using your phone or computer, send the audio or video recording to the teacher
4. The teacher will correct it using scorecards and checklists for underlying competencies, give you a focused list of next steps to practice.
The ultimate, error-oriented deliberate practice.  Sure, fast progress without affecting your life and work commitments.


Landing the right job, without doubt...

Your biggest expense: the income you never made or didn’t make in time. We will help you with your job or other interview needs: language, culture, motivation, accountability, strategy >>

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Your need & skill based learner path

  • Is there a short term goal you need to hit?
  • Is there any specific language learning interest or goal you want to successfully pursue?

Let us know, along with your current skill level. We will get back with your unique learner path. 

Email: or use the form.
Interview. Grammar. Exam. Certificates. Paper work. Conversation. Culture. Just to say Hi, someone to talk with.

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