German with love

You know this: you may have the German language certificates but,
without fluent, culturally correct German,
you won’t go further in life or work in Germany. 

❌ not the quantity: wide but mediocre, instead
✔️ the quality: focused and confident

I fear not the one who has practiced 10,000 kicks once,
but the one who has practiced one kick 10,000 times
-Bruce Lee

Stop being an eternal stranger to your life or work environment. Get ahead: 
  • Concentrate on vertical skill growth (pronunciation, template sentences, culturally correct) before widening
  • Practice to confidence, the phrases and sentences you need the most (length of vowels, troublesome consonants, listening comprehension). 
  • Smartly sort your learning material in your favor, instead of getting sucked into a whirlpool of apps and other remember and repeat methods.
Our language proficiency affects us emotionally, our self perception, how we think about the world around us, hope for the future, wellbeing… even to an existential level.
– Take the assessment below.  Like a GPS, we will together decide the best learner path to take you from where you are to who you want to be.
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Learning for Outcomes Specialized Group calls, 1-1, recorded corrections, courses

The assessment is free. You get details to the underlying competencies and subskills you need to focus to get the best outcomes at your stage and for your goals. You can decide to continue whenever you wish, starting from €10. Classes, corrections by native German teachers.

My name is Shyam. Originally from a smaill town in Kerala, India. I have a BTech from IIT Madras & live in Germany since 2015.  I've traveled this path before. Along with our native German teachers, I will help you:

  • avoid the overwhelm use learning frameworks instead of questioning your ability
  • get to your language and culture goals using a GPS-like clear path.

Use a focused syllabus unique to you, chunk down to your next 1% vertical skill growth in the sub skills that matter to you.


Listen to a sample introduction correction?

Which is your best email to send them? You will be redirected to the page + you will get the info in your email. 

(No spam. Unsubcribe anytime with a button click.)

Listen to  essential Introduction sentences, corrected for vowels, diphthongs, consonants, culture. Using this competency score card, you can assess and improve your own introduction.

Minimum required pronunciation Listen to a comparison between Shyam’s Introduction sentence pronunciation vs native speaker. Also watch a video Shyam self assessing introduction sentences, how he corrected them using comptency score cards: length of vowel, consonant etc.

Verbs: Pronunciation and listening comprehension

“They are finishing their 3rd sentence, I am still starting to decipher the 1st” – familiar feeling?
Brauchen, schicken, geben… the frequently used verbs if learnt to pronounced well, each repetition strengthens your good German. 
Instead if you are not confident of the vowel level corrections, you will be practising mistakes.

Limited variation ear training

Mistake: trying to identify words and sentences using random set of vocabulary. 
Throwing disconnected sets of sounds to our brains = no relevant feedback loops are built. DON”T FALL PREY to this mistake.
Instead, we sort the vocabulary. 
Use similar words and situations, help you practice from a given set of words. Manage the challenge. 
Example verb: geben

Smart learn: How and what to learn?

Learn less but deeper: get results that matter. 
Time is limited: While learning what matters, learn the underlying competencies that will bring you language learning freedom.
Doubts about talent etc vs framework.

Tell us to which email we should send you the resources.

Sensitive in a new culture

Afraid of the baking food...

May sound like a joke, but many are afraid to go to the bakery: What if they ask for our order before we are ready?

I’m on the sensitive side. (Shyam)

I took some time before starting to really interact with the culture around me. Since I was in the midst of native German speakers, with no contact to English speakers, I picked up the culture and language without much translation. This did me good.

In 1998, moving from my small town to study at IIT Madras (All India Rank 716, studying mainly with old question papers) was a culture shock – I realize now. Speaking in English, everything new. Learning German, though, we don’t need to be as perfect as with English.

But we need to sort through the junk of apps and learning material – a whirlpool that distracts us from getting to our goals fast, instead steals our time and effort with just in case, generic, animal and kitchen utensil names. 

If you need confident German for real life and work place interactions, we will help you fast, deep and sure progress using focused syllabus unique to you, chunking down to your next 1% and vertical skill growth in the sub skills that matter.

Martina: Intercultural Communication (Masters). 6 International languages. Want to help you thrive in German culture.

Shyam: Originally from a smaill town in Kerala, India. BTech IIT Madras. Pro musician ( Germany since 2015. 

Get the free assessment

Advanced is basics practiced very well.
For example: the simplest of sentences, “I am <name>” can be used to learn underlying competencies.
Not just the WHAT, HOW you do it makes the difference.

Ich bin <name> or Ich heiße <name>

Record audio. Listen back and assess yourself. You can send us the recording for assessment too.


  • the vowels – are they short or long at the correct places?
  • consonants: ch – h
  • formality: full name, last name, first name – did you get the implications of formality correct?


Calls, courses & corrections


The Topics

While learning what matters to you, learn the underlying subskills and competencies that will help you further you German learning and application. No more abstract German, nor irrelevant situations and sentences, nor mere rote memorization.
  • Job interview talk about yourself and other language needs, confidence, culture. Get minimum needed pronunciation, confident culture.
  • Real life Shops, offices, informal and formal situations, small talk, expressing need and preferences, basic introductions. The 4 part structure, sentence templates, changing articles to use any new word with confidence.
  • Practical grammar Most used verbs accurately pronounced, sentence templates to use your own words, changing articles for accusative, dative, genitive for real life and work use.
  • Custom Based on your goal, let us choose elective topics and exercises.
Combine modes of learning:  Based on your need, join Group calls, 1-1 private instruction OR private recorded audio corrections (record audio or video on your mobile phone or laptop, send to teacher as your time permits, get corrections privately )   Employers need you to converse fluently with clients. You will be taken seriously at the work place only when you can take part in German conversations – both understanding what others are saying and replying in German upto required standards. B1 or B2 exams serve a purpose, but you need more to get ahead in your real life or job. We will remedy these problems:
  • The certificate studies are too wide in scope: 100s of words and sentences somehow learnt
  • not enough practice till you can speak confidently OR for you to understand German conversations at native speed of speech
  • lack of confidence talking about oneself, real life interactions or workplace


You benefit from both the worlds

(Problem) If you have learnt from a non-German teacher without German real language or life exposure, your pronunciation and even basics are in doubt. You cannot confidently use German language without exposure to real Germans, the culture confidence.

On the other hand, your motivation and feeling of support is better if you get English support:  learning from a German teacher who doesn’t support you in English when needed, can affect your momentum and interest negatively.

With us, you learn with culturally competent native German teachers who speak English along with anytime access to English speaking guides.

Some of our teachers may use German mainly in the classes, since listening comprehension and speech is better with German immersion than translation. At all times, you have access to English speaking guides who have walked the path before you (e.g. Shyam, who uses German as the main language in Germany or English speaking German teachers who have lived in different parts of the world).


Group calls

+ private 1-1 & audio corrections. Native + non-native support

For the best language and culture results, group calls are effective: Interactions, listening to conversations, peer doubts and answers, pracitising sample situations… (Combine with private 1-1 or private audio recorded corrections as needed)

Who is it for?

Jobs, interviews
Working in Germany? Need fluent German for interviews and the workplace?

Starting German
Want fluent German with native pronunciation? Need a focused learning method?

Real life confidence
Want to integrate better with the German language and culture around you?

Contact us. Based on your current skill and goal, we will get you the right teacher and group

Real World German

Strong Immersion
Confident real life conversations: formal, informal. Pronunciations.

Fun & meaningful
Friendly members & teachers. Purposeful activities, syllabus.

Customize to your need
Ear training, confidence and fluency. Custom home works.

Teachers with language, teaching and cultural competency

headphones, headset, earphones-1935971.jpg

How you benefit:

  • Run by real life savvy, expert German native teachers who can support you and explain in English.
  • With your goals in mind, along with peers with similar goals, at your skill level.
  • The immersion method (instead of just translation) helps language acquisition for real life – including conversation, phrases, ear training

Who is it for:

    • Start speaking with good pronunciation and correct cultural aspects, as early as possible. Possibly within a few days from starting.
    • Be confident with talking, improve your fluency & listening comprehension ability at native speech speed.
    • Group learning is a good addition to any other modes of learning. It’s also important as a standalone. Shyam learnt through group classes and interaction with natives.

The assessment is free. You can decide to continue whenever you wish, by choosing from price options starting from €10.

Private 1-1 calls
Prepare for specific goals: interview, specific needs, doubts, corrections.

Recorded audio corrections
As time permits, record and send to teacher, get private corrections, custom learner path.


How good is your current German?

The assessment is free. You can decide to continue whenever you wish, by choosing from price options starting from €10.

Record the audio. Listen back and assess yourself based on the scorecard points. Send us the recording for assessment or guidance, get your custom learner path >>

Ich bin <name>

Record audio. Listen back and assess yourself. You can send us the recording for assessment too. Scorecard:
  • the vowels – are they short or long at the correct places?
  • consonants: ch – h
  • formality: full name, last name, first name – did you get the implications of formality correct?

Seit dem zwanzigsten Januar zweitausendfünfzehn bin ich in Deutschland.


  • the vowels and diphthongs (ei etc)- are they pronounced correctly? short or long at the correct places?
  • consonants: ch – h, z – ts, J and other.
  • formality: full name, last name, first name – did you get the implications of formality correct?

Seit dem <fill up with a date of your choice with the correct word endings> bin ich in Deutschland.


  • are the number words correct?
  • are they ending correctly?
  • the vowels – are they short or long at the correct places?
  • consonants: ch – h, z – ts, ei, J and other.
  • formality: full name, last name, first name – did you get the implications of formality correct?

Why not more sentences? 

We are interested in the underlying competencies, not how wide you know. 

The vowels, consonants and diphthongs have the same pronunciation rules across words.
Formality and word usage ability is also understood from just a few examples. 

To check if the rice is boiled, we need to check just one relevant grain 🙂

Get started...

The assessment and 1st call is free. You can decide to continue or not and choose from price options starting from €10.

Your learner path

  • Ask to join a FREE call
  • Get assessments, custom learner path – which competency to focus for best results
  • Not sure what is best for you? Get answers from experienced, caring guides. 

Use the form or Email:

Assessment audio: please upload to your google drive and share with us a link. Delete the file after assessment (better privacy). OR You can decide to send as attachment to 

By sending us your recording for assessment, you are agreeing to  the process that German with love usually follows to give you back an assessment (private) – storage, listening, assessing, getting back by email. 


You will get a scorecard and learner path for pronunciation of vowels & consonants, correctness of words etc.

If ok, include your Whatsapp number.